Monday, 27 December 2010

Asian woman’s world

Asian woman's eligibilities
There are plenty of stories of how Asian women should be and what their responsibilities are. Most Asian women are Muslim which means that there are many rules which they need to comply with. Some people are saying how good their tradition is as it lets a woman stay at home and a man is the only one who should take care of her and the children. It is slightly different for those women in the UK as they have more eligibilities than in their own mother country. I saw myself quite a few Pakistani or Indian women at work, some of them were dressed in their traditional clothes, some like any other British person.

Strict family
If an Asian woman has a strict family and a husband, then they are told what to do, what not to do and they have to follow those strict rules.
Asian men’s role is not only to provide a family, a wife with everything. They have big powers as they are the ones who are dictating women how to dress, what to do, what not to do, whereas their wives are not independent at all and their quality of life depends on their husband's will. They can be treated like queens but also like slaves who should do everything that the husband will say and they can be also killed if a man will decide that he wants his wife to been tortured or dead.

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Family's camping

Camping is not any more for people who do not have enough money to go into a proper hotel, although it can help you to spend less. Modern camping is recognized as a new experience and a freedom for children. Most camping fields are situated close to mountains, so you will have less to walk to a chosen top. It is hassle free also as you can drive to a camping field and leave a car there, while you will go to climb mountains.

Advantages of camping
While camping, you can take your pets with you and you do not need to worry that it will be banned. It is really a priceless experience to spend time in the fresh air for a whole day. It is quite cheap to pay for a camping field.

What should you check for before going camping?
Make sure that there will be toilets and kitchen appliances available. Most camping fields should have this equipment but all of them are run by different individuals usually so it is recommended to check these things before going there. The weather should be nice unless you are happy with cold weather and rain. Most people are coming back very satisfied from camping if they had a nice weather and dissatisfied if it was cold as there are no facilities really for camping when cold.

It is quite expensive to buy camping equipment but you will certainly get your money back if you are going to use tents, sleeping bags and mats more than one time. If you are planning to camp only once, maybe a better idea would be to borrow the equipment from somebody.
It is much cheaper than a hotel, where a night spend in a hotel would not be cheaper than £120 for a family with two children.
Price for camping for family of 4 may cost £10 per night up to £60, depending on where you will be camping, how old are children and if the camping field owner will provide with any discount for children.

The majority of camping fields are safe, although anybody can easily enter a field at any time and cause problems. If you feel unsure about children sleeping in a separate tent, get a bigger tent for the whole family.