Monday, 7 February 2011

Pregnancy stretch marks

Stretch marks are a nightmare for many women and cream manufacturers interested in expanding their market seek to address this issue. Unfortunately the truth is that while those creams can help us with reducing stretch marks or making them less visible, they cannot guarantee us that the marks won’t appear again.Getting stretch marks depends from our type of skin, which means that some women can have no stretch marks, even if they did not use any special creams during their pregnancy; some women can have plenty of stretch marks even if they were looking after their body carefully and in addition used a few of supplements to avoid having stretch marks. Although it is not always possible to avoid stretch marks, we can still reduce their visibility.

Start moisturizing your skin before pregnancy

Well-hydrated skin is more resistant, flexible and will get fewer stretch marks. Those which will appear will not be very visiblle so you won’t be that concerned about them.

Right diet

Right diet is also very important for your skin.