Women and diet

Dieting for weight-conscious women

Many women are not happy with their weight. They always would like to change something in their appearance. It is like vicious circle. The first step to change anything is one step behind accepting ourselves. If we won't accept ourselves, we will feel bad in our own skin. Do not cheat yourself that changing your appearance will help you solve problems as people will like you more and you will be also able to do more just like that. Do not sit on a chair and wait for a miracle. Look at yourself in a mirror, repeat a few times 'I am very happy who I am and how I look like'. If you will need to you can practice repeating your meditation words. It really helps to relax and find yourself again.
Next step if you still think that loosing weight is still important for you will be finding a way to lose it. Low fat food usually works very well. It is also recommended to join the gym or start doing regular exercises as you will increase your metabolism, get energy, be in a better mood and start losing faster your excess kilograms.