Women and fitness

Being fit, attending the gym is very important part of diet.
If you think that this is not for you as you cannot even think about lifting heavy weights or you would feel uncomfortable with only men around you are wrong.

Gym only for women

There are already a few gyms which are designed only for women, so if you do not feel comfortable to mix with men this kind of gym will be suitable for you.

How to start
If you think that you won’t be able to go to the gym as the equipment seems to be difficult to use, do not worry. Gym coaches are there for you, so they will be very happy to help you and show you around. There are no stupid questions, whatever you would need to ask, just ask.

What exercises to choose?
It depends what goal would you like to achieve and which exercises you feel comfortable to do. If you would like to lose weight the treadmill would be best choice, but to start losing any weight you need to run for at least 40 minutes. You should also try group exercises and find those suitable for you.

Location of the fitness club

If you are driving you should choose your gym in acceptable driving distance from your home or work.
If you are using a public transport your chosen club should be best in walking distance from your home or work place, otherwise you will find very hard to fit gym during your daily tasks.

Period of the membership

If you are not sure if you will be able to commit the gym for 1 year or at least a few months you should join for one month or just a couple of months, even if the price would be more expensive as you do not want to waste your money for something what you may not use in a long term.

How long should you wait for results
Be patient. It can take up to 2 months to see first results. When you will just join gym, your fitness level won’t be good, so you won’t be able also to do requirement amount of exercises. If after 2 months you will see no results, you should look into your diet and exercises and find what you are doing wrong, e.g. not enough exercises, not enough active exercises (not burning enough calories), too caloric diet.