Monday, 27 December 2010

Asian woman’s world

Asian woman's eligibilities
There are plenty of stories of how Asian women should be and what their responsibilities are. Most Asian women are Muslim which means that there are many rules which they need to comply with. Some people are saying how good their tradition is as it lets a woman stay at home and a man is the only one who should take care of her and the children. It is slightly different for those women in the UK as they have more eligibilities than in their own mother country. I saw myself quite a few Pakistani or Indian women at work, some of them were dressed in their traditional clothes, some like any other British person.

Strict family
If an Asian woman has a strict family and a husband, then they are told what to do, what not to do and they have to follow those strict rules.
Asian men’s role is not only to provide a family, a wife with everything. They have big powers as they are the ones who are dictating women how to dress, what to do, what not to do, whereas their wives are not independent at all and their quality of life depends on their husband's will. They can be treated like queens but also like slaves who should do everything that the husband will say and they can be also killed if a man will decide that he wants his wife to been tortured or dead.

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Family's camping

Camping is not any more for people who do not have enough money to go into a proper hotel, although it can help you to spend less. Modern camping is recognized as a new experience and a freedom for children. Most camping fields are situated close to mountains, so you will have less to walk to a chosen top. It is hassle free also as you can drive to a camping field and leave a car there, while you will go to climb mountains.

Advantages of camping
While camping, you can take your pets with you and you do not need to worry that it will be banned. It is really a priceless experience to spend time in the fresh air for a whole day. It is quite cheap to pay for a camping field.

What should you check for before going camping?
Make sure that there will be toilets and kitchen appliances available. Most camping fields should have this equipment but all of them are run by different individuals usually so it is recommended to check these things before going there. The weather should be nice unless you are happy with cold weather and rain. Most people are coming back very satisfied from camping if they had a nice weather and dissatisfied if it was cold as there are no facilities really for camping when cold.

It is quite expensive to buy camping equipment but you will certainly get your money back if you are going to use tents, sleeping bags and mats more than one time. If you are planning to camp only once, maybe a better idea would be to borrow the equipment from somebody.
It is much cheaper than a hotel, where a night spend in a hotel would not be cheaper than £120 for a family with two children.
Price for camping for family of 4 may cost £10 per night up to £60, depending on where you will be camping, how old are children and if the camping field owner will provide with any discount for children.

The majority of camping fields are safe, although anybody can easily enter a field at any time and cause problems. If you feel unsure about children sleeping in a separate tent, get a bigger tent for the whole family.

Friday, 5 November 2010

Women’s shopping habits

Why do women still prefer a physical store instead of online shopping?

Although times have changed, women still favor visiting stores instead of hunting for goods online. There are advantages to it but also disadvantages.
Women love shopping and we all know about that. However there is one thing about which they are not really convinced – online shopping. They prefer to spend hours in the shop choosing properly their products. Their way of shopping has a connection with the past – a long time ago they were picking forest fruits and small branches to make fires. They were spending a long time deciding which fruits to pick while men had to make quick decisions while hunting.

Monday, 1 November 2010

Marriage roles

Traditional classification of roles in a family obliged a man to provide his wife and children with things necessary to live and be responsible for their safety, whereas the woman had to take care of the house, children and her husband’s comfort. The situation had changed since women started working professionally. The distinction of roles stopped being obvious and predefined. Married people have a choice now of making decisions together how they want their relationship to function independently from any outside influences and social expectations on their roles, however it is like that only in more modern countries. 
How psychology define a role terminology?
Social role as a social category is a collection of expectations from surroundings (a family, social groups, an institution). This role determines one’s social status and its place in a social group. Every role has set of entitlements but also responsibilities, which we need to make our priorities.
Every human already has a scheduled role which means that the roles can be sometimes contradictory to people’s wishes and life expectations.

Monday, 25 October 2010

Advantages of being a young mum

It is recommended to have children till you are 30 years old as a young mum has the energy and the enthusiasm to enjoy her babies, while a woman who is after her 30s won’t have that much energy and the baby will be very tiring for her, even if she won’t work. Only young people have the ability of not sleeping all night from time to time and not to be sleepy during the day. Having a baby involves getting up during the night and sometimes staying nearly all night awake if baby does not want to fall asleep.

Right choices
Although the best time to have a baby is until the age of 25, it does not mean that you won’t be a good mother if you will have a baby later. For doctors it is easier to help a young woman give birth to as there will be fewer complications, that is why they are recommending them to get pregnant when they are still very young. Decide yourself if you will be happy with a smaller house, fewer holidays and a baby or if you prefer to have very nice house, go on more holidays and have no baby. Also if you would decide to have a baby after your 30s it can be more difficult to get pregnant and as a working mum you won’t have much time and maybe also money for a baby as child-minders are quite expensive. Finally your main priority will be your work and a baby will be in second place. So in the end you could even decide that a baby is not really for you or delay it after your 40s, if you will have enough savings to stay for a couple of years at home. 

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Online shopping

Online shopping can be the way of saving money shopping as very often we are buying something only because it looks nice and we just want to get it.
You can do two kinds of shopping and avoid shopping at a store when it is not comfortable for you on as you can replace it with an online shopping.  Internet shopping will help you to save money, time and you will be able to have a look at plenty of products at the same time without changing a place.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Why do I need to obtain a degree?

In spite of all disadvantages of obtaining a degree, university education has also benefits, with graduates tending to be happier and living longer than those who went straight from school to work.
Students must understand that the benefit of getting a degree ‘does not necessarily translate into cash terms’ and better employment opportunities..

Common mistakes
The most common mistake which women are doing is that they keep collecting certificates as they think that it will help them. Majority of people do not need in their education more than one degree for their job purposes. So do not cheat yourself, that you need a second degree to get a job, if you did not get it after your first degree. “Professor Steve Smith, vice chancellor of Exeter University and chairman of the 1994 Group, said that employers valued the transferable life skills graduates have more than their degrees.”

Thursday, 22 July 2010

How to become more efficient in your work?

Many people when doing daily activities are finding that some of them are very difficult and they just do not like doing them. Disliked activities are put for later and later and then they are never done if they are not compulsory.
I myself also had problems with doing some of my daily activities but I found a solution to it. The most important is to motivate yourself. If you have too many tasks and are unable to remember all of them, make a list and tell yourself that they are things which you have to do today. It is what I did and it is really working.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

The advantages of the popular birth control contraceptive pill

Women in the past
Times have changed a lot since the contraceptive pill has been invented. Previously women’s job was to give birth to a large number of children, taking care of them and their husbands. It was making women feel and be powerless in every aspect of their life. Their choices and decisions were dictated by their husbands. Women were unable to control their number offsprings and also give children basic things like education and proper food. All their faith and hope for a better life were in their husbands’ hands.

Women being dependant
Husbands were just humans, so some were treating their wives well, others not. The scary thing was that women who were treated with no respect by their husbands had nowhere to go and had to appreciate that they are fed by their husband.
Those women did not have any choice as they were dependent on their husbands. The system was saying that every young woman should get a husband and soon after marriage have her first baby. Women were also not allowed to go into education.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Fashion on having sons

Sons better than daughters in Indian families

In Indian culture parents who have a daughter have to give all belongings away when a daughter is getting married. As a result, it is very expensive to have a daughter and not many parents have enough money to raise even one. A lot of couples are deciding to have abortions when they find out that they will have a baby girl. It is so sad and so unfair but this is Indian reality.

Couples who go on to have a daughter treat her worse than boys because

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

When is the best time to have a baby?

Your priorities.
Every woman has different priorities and different goals in life, in her personal life and in her professional ambitions. If you feel that you will be happy to be a housewife and there will be no money problem in your house you can plan starting a family and getting a baby.
If you just finished college and plan on going to university but at the same time you would like to have a baby, write down the advantages and disadvantages of both.

Having a baby is a "beautiful experience" but only if it will come at right time.

A baby is a nice “experience” but only if it will come at the right time. So if you do not want to do dodgy

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Preparation for a wedding day

A lot of women are planning to loose their weight because they think that they will look better. Some of them are buying in advance one – two sizes smaller wedding dresses. It is not good way of thinking as you do not know if you will loose any weight and even if you will loose it you don’t know how many stones/lb. You won’t look nice in a wedding dress which won’t fit you properly and it will be too small or too big.
Only guys are aloud to have too loose. To tight wedding men’s shirts as they do not need to impress anybody with their appearance as much as you need, as you want.

Do not eat too healthy, it is dangerous!!

Doctors and dietetics are telling us all the time how important it is to eat healthy and avoid eating processed food.
I definitely agree with that but there is one catch.

Eating healthy food can become your obsession; there is professional name for it – ortorexia.
There were already a few cases which nearly had a fatal ending. Some women wanted to eat healthier and healthier, they found that they cannot eat so many things as preparing meals was taking them a few hours.
One example - Kristie Rutzel from Richmond, first started a vegetarian diet and then

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

How to lose weight quickly?

If you believe in diet miracle which will help you to lose 10kg in 10-20 days I must tell you that there is not such a thing.

Have you ever heard about the Yo-Yo effect?
The Yo-Yo effect means to lose and put back on weight, very often even more than you lost.

You should plan properly, maybe consult with a doctor how many kg you should/would like to lose and then decide in how many months you can achieve your ideal weight.

Eat healthy
Start eating healthy; avoid eating empty calories like sweets; limit drinks with added sugar like coke, juices, fanta etc
Eating chocolate is healthy only if
you are eating very small dozes like 10 – 15g; if you will eat 50 – 100g of chocolate, biscuits or any other sweet stuff, this is becoming very unhealthy.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Your body

Do you feel too fat, too skinny?
Do you have other worries such as fat legs, short legs, skinny legs, protruding belly (even if you are normally built), very small breasts and many other parts you dislike?

If yes, then what you are doing with about them?
Do you feel that you reduce contact with people because you don’t feel comfortable with your body

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Your husband’s mum

Do you feel that your husband’s mum wish you all the worst and she would love if your relationship goes wrong and her baby boy would move back into her place?

You should just accept that your mother-in-law will always treat you worse as you are a foreign person to her and you make her son choose you while she stays in the darkness.

You should try to keep

Friday, 2 April 2010

Real people look better than celebrities

Magazine covers always show us celebrities with ideal skin, shiny hair, perfect proportions, all of course photoshopped or under an inch thick of makeup. However, these stars are not different from us at all and usually when we look properly at their pictures taken by paparazzi on the streets, we find that they even look worse than us. Full of drugs, nicotine, alcohol and botched cosmetic surgery, how can they look any other way?

The truth about celebrities

The truth is that people in TV or in magazines look different from real life and real people.
At the moment there are so many new techniques to change people’s appearance, first and foremost being the very popular computer programme Photoshop. Using this programme