Monday, 28 March 2011

Losing weight without being on diet

Eating healthy food will make you lose weight
You may wonder why you are on a constant diet and instead of losing weight you keep putting it on. You should look carefully at the food you are eating. Maybe you think that you eat just a little fatty food like chips and hamburgers, but you may be eating more. Make a diary for 1 or 2 weeks in which you will record everything you eat each day and then read it and reconsider if you are really eating healthily and if you are on a diet.

Bad side effects of being on diet
Many people just soon after finishing their diet and reaching their desired weight go back to eating “normally” and then end up facing the yo-yo effect. To be able to keep your weight after dieting you cannot come back to your previous lifestyle, which means that usually you would need to keep being on a diet for your whole life.

Get good eating habits
If you have a problem with eating too many sweets, chocolates and cakes start taking chrome which will help you to minimize your craving for those products. Eat more fruits, get in a habit of eating an apple, orange or another fruit

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Pregnancy and after pregnancy

A newborn baby
It is very important to take care properly of a new born and making sure that a baby is not hungry, ill and it is just simply happy. For the minimum of 3 months we should give our baby milk breast. Breast milk has all vitamins which the baby needs and antibodies which are helping our new born building its immune system. Breast fed babies are much more resistant to many diseases as they are resistant to every ill which their mother had in the past, especially during pregnancy and breast feeding. Mother should make sure that she is eating the right food otherwise the baby can suffer from stomach ache.

What about a new mother?
Although society puts only pressure about well-being of a new born, mother's well-being is also very important. It is quite common to suffer from postnatal depression due to the sleep deprivation, hormonal changes, too many responsibilities , not accepting a body after pregnancy and thinking that now everything should be only about a baby.