Saturday, 16 July 2011

5 questions to ask when you hunt for a husband

You may feel that you get on well with your partner, that you have the same interests, going out is such fun, you understand each other without words and he does not mind that you have a different religion. It seems that he accepts you how you are without asking to change anything… It is normal to see through pink glasses in the beginning of a relationship, but it is a must to ask questions to find out your partner’s plans, purpose in life and lifestyle if you want to be successful in a hunt for a husband.

Tying the knot
Does he want to get married? Does he consider you as his future wife? Well done if both of you would like to get married. Otherwise you need to find out if he would like you to be his future wife or he treats you as his temporary entertainment. The earlier you will find out the better. It is quite a serious question to ask but it
saves you a lot of time and disappointment. You should always find out his matrimonial plans within a few dates.

Saving money
You may not even have to ask him this question if he likes saving money. Just observe how he spends: if he buys expensive
branded clothes, eats out very often, spends a fortune on drinks in a pub. Ask him questions like:  what would you do with money if you won the lottery? Would you go on an expensive trip or save it for a deposit to buy a house? This will help you to understand how he spends money and also find out his priorities in life.

Is he family-orientated?
It is very important that you agree about having a family or not having a family, otherwise your relationship may suffer if your thoughts are different.
He may love you a lot, but if he does not want to have children there is no point to force him to do so, as he would not be happy with it, may walk away or you will have to deal with all responsibilities for having children; you may end up being a single mother. If you do not want to have children and he wants it, it is better to discuss with him how important this is for him.

When would you like to have children?
If both of you would like to have children good for you, first step passed. You should also discuss when you would like to have children. Nowadays when women are working as well, it may be sometimes difficult for them to balance these two important life issues. You may want to delay motherhood or even eliminate it if your work commitments won’t let you to have a baby any time soon, if not at all. Discuss it with your partner and make sure that he understands the consequences of balancing your life and he is happy to be with you with or without children.

Sharing bills and home duties
You should find out if he is happy to share home duties with you or if both of you are happy if one of you will be staying at home or working part-time and doing most of the home duties. You should not follow the old-age belief that you are a woman so you know better how to clean, cook, shop, etc, if both of you are working full time. It would mean that you would be the only one having duties after work.
If both of you would work and have a small baby, both of you should get up at night, not only you because you are breastfeeding e.g. ; You can buy a breast pump, so only one of you will need to get up to the baby.

If you decide that one of you will be staying at home, discuss if your partner will support you financially even if it would be till the end of her/his life, if you would struggle to get an appropriate job after a long career break.


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