Monday, 7 November 2011

Bigger breasts and being happy with your body without using scalpel

Breast enhancement surgery is very popular nowadays. Girls, as young as 18, are getting bigger breasts for their birthday. Is it really necessary to have a surgery at such a young age? Most doctors will never tell you true about consequences of operation and that it is not just one off operation but you will need to keep repeating it.
Originally the breast enlargement operation was created for women who had their breasts deformed, who had to have their breasts removed for healthy reasons (because of cancer ex) and later for stars as part of their job was to look perfect. Although some stars decided not to go ahead with scalpel, some were happy to use Photoshop to show them in a better light and others were happy to show their real appearance.

Appropriate bra will give you bigger breasts
The bra which you need is a push-up bra which is similar to a normal bra. It differs from a usual bra by a thick layer of sponge, which is pushing your breasts and they appear to be bigger.
Many bras have special pockets, which are used to put silicon pillows (inserts) or just normal bra inserts, so your breasts will be bigger.

Remember to not to enlarge your breast too much as they won’t look natural at all. It is Ok to enlarge them by 1 or 2 cups.

Reasons for breasts enlargement
Most females feel insecure, vulnerable and they think that bigger breasts will change their life. It may add them a little bit more confidence but only in the beginning. I would suggest that monies would be better spend on a psychologist helping women to accept themselves, explain them that they should start building their self-esteem in their mind, not by trying to be seen in a better light by others. Men do not choose their life partners by checking their breasts size and eliminating the ones with small breasts. Maybe women who are looking for a sex partner may get more gays interested in having sex with them.
If a man will really like you, he will accept you how you are, with small breasts, big, maybe to big breasts, small bum or big bum.


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