Saturday, 16 July 2011

5 questions to ask when you hunt for a husband

You may feel that you get on well with your partner, that you have the same interests, going out is such fun, you understand each other without words and he does not mind that you have a different religion. It seems that he accepts you how you are without asking to change anything… It is normal to see through pink glasses in the beginning of a relationship, but it is a must to ask questions to find out your partner’s plans, purpose in life and lifestyle if you want to be successful in a hunt for a husband.

Tying the knot
Does he want to get married? Does he consider you as his future wife? Well done if both of you would like to get married. Otherwise you need to find out if he would like you to be his future wife or he treats you as his temporary entertainment. The earlier you will find out the better. It is quite a serious question to ask but it