Monday, 25 October 2010

Advantages of being a young mum

It is recommended to have children till you are 30 years old as a young mum has the energy and the enthusiasm to enjoy her babies, while a woman who is after her 30s won’t have that much energy and the baby will be very tiring for her, even if she won’t work. Only young people have the ability of not sleeping all night from time to time and not to be sleepy during the day. Having a baby involves getting up during the night and sometimes staying nearly all night awake if baby does not want to fall asleep.

Right choices
Although the best time to have a baby is until the age of 25, it does not mean that you won’t be a good mother if you will have a baby later. For doctors it is easier to help a young woman give birth to as there will be fewer complications, that is why they are recommending them to get pregnant when they are still very young. Decide yourself if you will be happy with a smaller house, fewer holidays and a baby or if you prefer to have very nice house, go on more holidays and have no baby. Also if you would decide to have a baby after your 30s it can be more difficult to get pregnant and as a working mum you won’t have much time and maybe also money for a baby as child-minders are quite expensive. Finally your main priority will be your work and a baby will be in second place. So in the end you could even decide that a baby is not really for you or delay it after your 40s, if you will have enough savings to stay for a couple of years at home. 

Simple life
However, there are still traditional families and it is possible to survive on one income, if you will manage your money properly. Everything is just about having the right priorities. If you really want to have a baby and think that you cannot afford it, you just need to value things and if you really want to have a baby, just make your life simpler. There is nothing more valuable than taking the children to the park, watching them playing or feeding them. In the end money is just money; it won’t make you happy and feel that your life is full.
Just decide yourself what are your ambition, your desire and your options and if you can afford to be out of work and stay with a baby, maybe this is what will make you really happy.  Doing paid work and starting a family are two equal and very important issues. It can be very difficult for you to get a baby when you will be 40; it can equally be difficult to get a job at that age. If you know that your partner will support you all the time during which you will be staying with children and also later on you can consider putting your job in second position after having a baby.
There is also great support for single mothers, who decided to have a baby but their partners do not want to take any responsibility for being the baby’s father.
It seems that after decades, during which the number of women who work has steadily increased, the tide is turning back to a more traditional family model again.



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