Monday, 1 November 2010

Marriage roles

Traditional classification of roles in a family obliged a man to provide his wife and children with things necessary to live and be responsible for their safety, whereas the woman had to take care of the house, children and her husband’s comfort. The situation had changed since women started working professionally. The distinction of roles stopped being obvious and predefined. Married people have a choice now of making decisions together how they want their relationship to function independently from any outside influences and social expectations on their roles, however it is like that only in more modern countries. 
How psychology define a role terminology?
Social role as a social category is a collection of expectations from surroundings (a family, social groups, an institution). This role determines one’s social status and its place in a social group. Every role has set of entitlements but also responsibilities, which we need to make our priorities.
Every human already has a scheduled role which means that the roles can be sometimes contradictory to people’s wishes and life expectations.

What happens if a function in a society/community obliges us to cast a certain role? Can we be just ourselves?
Although there are no more slaves nowadays in our civilized world, there are still plenty of things which we have to do or which we cannot do. A social activity of every individual is limited by law, religion, habits, tradition and finally our family. We could say that these roles help us to keep everything in order but frankly saying, they are not giving us a choice in many cases. Everybody is perceived with respect to one’s role.

We perform different roles at work, when we speak to our children or to our wife or husband to live up to their expectations.  Everybody perceives us also in a different way and we need to play our roles as wives, fathers, and diplomats by behaving in an appropriate way. Spending too much time at work, make us less spontaneous, when we are with our family.
Over the centuries we changed our life conditions, customs and morals. A long time ago, when we evolved from monkeys it was a normal thing that a woman should let many men use her vagina at any time they wanted. Later a woman could not be touched by any man other than her husband.
Nowadays there are no stiff rules how one should behave and how many sexual partners one should have, although one should have only one partner at one time in British society. (It is allowed to have more than one wife in some Arabic countries) In every society there are different moral rules, you can wait till your wedding day to have your first intercourse or you can have plenty of sex, night-stands and not be married.


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