Friday, 5 November 2010

Women’s shopping habits

Why do women still prefer a physical store instead of online shopping?

Although times have changed, women still favor visiting stores instead of hunting for goods online. There are advantages to it but also disadvantages.
Women love shopping and we all know about that. However there is one thing about which they are not really convinced – online shopping. They prefer to spend hours in the shop choosing properly their products. Their way of shopping has a connection with the past – a long time ago they were picking forest fruits and small branches to make fires. They were spending a long time deciding which fruits to pick while men had to make quick decisions while hunting. So whenever your wife is spending a long time shopping, do not tear out your hair impatiently and do not blame her for that as she cannot do it in any other way. Instead of that you can try to convince her to choose from time to time online shopping.
And anyway if it will come to purchasing an electrical item she will ask you as she knows that you can choose the best item. So maybe you should let your female partner choose for hours food and clothes and help her in more important matters.

Disadvantages of online shopping 

Firstly you cannot see a real product; you cannot do a close quality examination and try it on if it will be a clothing item. Secondly you won’t get attention from a real shop assistant but you can always make a call if you have questions about a product.

Disadvantages of shopping in a store

There is no possibility to compare prices with other shops; while using the website you can visit plenty of stores through their website and choose the cheapest one. It is especially good if you are buying bigger, non-consumable items like a TV, a fridge or a car. Only an internet search allows you to visit several places at the same time without leaving home, which means that you can do it 24 hours per day and there is no time limit and you can do it while eating lunch or feeding a baby.

Advantages of online shopping

Although shopping on internet is not popular among women, some of them find it advantageous. If you already know some products very well then you do not really need to go to a store to choose them and online shopping could be useful in this case, especially, if you want to buy bulky items.
It is really time-saving and you can visit an online store and leave the website with no purchase while when going to a physical store you feel shopping pressure and the shop workers can also put pressure on you in order to buy something. There is no need to drive anywhere and look for a parking place, so you are saving on fuel and very often there is no delivery cost. Information on product comparison is easy available, especially that in the same time you can visit a few stores without leaving your comfortable chair. Very often you do not have to even look for different products to compare prices yourself as third part shopping sites will show you the best products and prices.
And finally you can do it 24/7 and there is no problem with cancellation or returns.


Mikaeel said...

Interesting read describing the women’s shopping habits. It is very Well known that women love shopping and they don't prefer online shopping. They prefer to spend lots of hour in the shop choosing properly their products. As well as online shopping is a great way to buy products and it is very time savvy process. There is no need to drive anywhere and look for a parking place. it is very good for saving fuel too. Thanks for sharing such useful information with us.

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