Monday, 27 December 2010

Asian woman’s world

Asian woman's eligibilities
There are plenty of stories of how Asian women should be and what their responsibilities are. Most Asian women are Muslim which means that there are many rules which they need to comply with. Some people are saying how good their tradition is as it lets a woman stay at home and a man is the only one who should take care of her and the children. It is slightly different for those women in the UK as they have more eligibilities than in their own mother country. I saw myself quite a few Pakistani or Indian women at work, some of them were dressed in their traditional clothes, some like any other British person.

Strict family
If an Asian woman has a strict family and a husband, then they are told what to do, what not to do and they have to follow those strict rules.
Asian men’s role is not only to provide a family, a wife with everything. They have big powers as they are the ones who are dictating women how to dress, what to do, what not to do, whereas their wives are not independent at all and their quality of life depends on their husband's will. They can be treated like queens but also like slaves who should do everything that the husband will say and they can be also killed if a man will decide that he wants his wife to been tortured or dead.

Arranged marriages

It is well known that Muslim people have arranged marriages; therefore women are not always happy to marry a man whom they do not love and do not know at all. Although some young Asian people do not want to follow this tradition, sometimes it is not possible for them to avoid it or if they will say no to a partner chosen by their parents it can finish very badly for them, even with torture and death.

Their religion is not saying to treat anybody with no respect. It is their culture

and habits that push them to treat other humans in an inhuman way.

Their marriages are like Lotto, they never know what they will get as they do not have the possibility of knowing their partner before. It is very bad for a woman as after marriage she is becoming her husband's dependant and she can just pray to get a good caring husband who will treat her with respect, otherwise if she won’t be lucky her life can become a nightmare.

There was an accident previously where a husband with his family killed his pregnant wife. I do not want to comment on it. I just want to show how much power men have and how weak and powerless women are.

I would think that a married couple should treat each other with respect as both of them want to see each other's partner happy. What kind of person is satisfied and happy with having a wife who is scared of him because he makes her a slave who has no say while he can do anything that he wants with her, even killing her.


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