Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Changes to husband and wife's roles

Men need to feel that they are the head of the family and care for their wife and children. Currently we are changing the traditional family model for a modern one which is not good for anybody.
Many women are putting their jobs before their family as they feel that they should be breadwinners also. Many women do not want to have children at all as they value more their freedom, social life and independence or even if they wish to be mothers, they know that they are unable to reconcile a full-time job with having a baby. 

Putting a job before a baby does not really mean that women are choosing their career. It means that they are conscious of their choices. They know that work will be an important part of their life and they understand that they have to concentrate on a job first in order to be satisfied and not do a bottom job later on. 

Single mothers
Women do not need a man anymore to have a baby. It is very popular among British women to have a one night-stand to get a baby or to have artificial insemination.
There are also plenty of women who do not want to have children at all as they are very independent and having a baby could make them being unable to fend for themselves, getting fat and loosing a good job position.
Many decent men are running away from a relationship with a bossy woman as they feel ignored and excluded from that relationship. They do not feel needed anymore and feel abandoned due to the lack of any decision-making and fulfillment in their life.


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