Saturday, 5 March 2011

Pregnancy and after pregnancy

A newborn baby
It is very important to take care properly of a new born and making sure that a baby is not hungry, ill and it is just simply happy. For the minimum of 3 months we should give our baby milk breast. Breast milk has all vitamins which the baby needs and antibodies which are helping our new born building its immune system. Breast fed babies are much more resistant to many diseases as they are resistant to every ill which their mother had in the past, especially during pregnancy and breast feeding. Mother should make sure that she is eating the right food otherwise the baby can suffer from stomach ache.

What about a new mother?
Although society puts only pressure about well-being of a new born, mother's well-being is also very important. It is quite common to suffer from postnatal depression due to the sleep deprivation, hormonal changes, too many responsibilities , not accepting a body after pregnancy and thinking that now everything should be only about a baby.
It is very important that new mothers will think about themselves and their needs. They should try to share their new responsibilities with partners. New mothers should still care about their appearance. Obviously everything takes time, so if you gain a lot of weight do not expect that you will lose it within a few months.

A happy mother = a happy baby
Toddlers feel our anxiety. The only way to be happy is to fulfill our needs also.
Not thinking about baby’s needs as first does not mean that you are bad mother. Going to the hairdresser, seeing a friend, buying new clothes not only for a baby should be normal things for you otherwise you won’t be able to give your baby so important happiness and love.

Do not be greedy; leave your child with grandparents or a nanny
A baby needs constant attention. There is not much time left which you can spend only with your partner. You feel tired and the only time which you can spend with your partner is in bed when you are falling asleep immediately. Most mothers think that they should be the only ones who will take care of baby as they will take care of it best and a baby after getting used to spending time only with mother is not happy to spend time with any other person. Be a little bit egoistic, go with your partner to the cinema, for a walk or simply watch a movie at home just with your partner. You won’t harm your baby in this way, you will actually help it to not to be scared of people and being less shy.

Babies are getting used to very quickly to be surrounded only by one person. After that they are not happy being left with anybody else. For your and your child’s healthy relations you should learn it that a grandmother or a  nanny are also nice people. In this way it will get used to faster going to a kinder garden or school.


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