Monday, 28 March 2011

Losing weight without being on diet

Eating healthy food will make you lose weight
You may wonder why you are on a constant diet and instead of losing weight you keep putting it on. You should look carefully at the food you are eating. Maybe you think that you eat just a little fatty food like chips and hamburgers, but you may be eating more. Make a diary for 1 or 2 weeks in which you will record everything you eat each day and then read it and reconsider if you are really eating healthily and if you are on a diet.

Bad side effects of being on diet
Many people just soon after finishing their diet and reaching their desired weight go back to eating “normally” and then end up facing the yo-yo effect. To be able to keep your weight after dieting you cannot come back to your previous lifestyle, which means that usually you would need to keep being on a diet for your whole life.

Get good eating habits
If you have a problem with eating too many sweets, chocolates and cakes start taking chrome which will help you to minimize your craving for those products. Eat more fruits, get in a habit of eating an apple, orange or another fruit
for desert or when you feel hungry rather than a chocolate bar or other snacks full of sugar or fat.

Eat as little food as possible high in carbohydrates

Chocolate bars, cakes, all sorts of biscuits can make you feel full only for a short time as they have carbohydrates that break down rapidly and soon after eating them you will feel even more hungry.

Eat food which will keep you fuller for longer
Food like meat, potatoes, rice, groats,
oats, eggs, beans, lentils, white cheese ( for example cottage cheese) have carbohydrates that break down slowly, so you are eating less calories and what is the most important you are eating food full of vitamins.

Eat home-made food rather than ready-made meals from supermarkets
Meals bought in supermarkets are usually full of fat, salt and conservatives. Manufacturers want to earn as much as possible so there is as little meat as possible in a chicken pie for example or you can find out that apple pies or cheesecakes have some flour in their filling too. Preparing your meals yourself will help you to control what ingredients are in your meal, being aware of all ingredients and also save your money as it is cheaper to prepare a meal yourself.


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