Friday, 16 September 2011

Dating a Diabetic

You are a single dad and are now preparing for a life again in the dating scene. When you go out to the wild side again, do be prepared for a very different landscape from the last time you were out on a date. Amongst the many changes would be the conditions of the women out in the world.

According to the most recent American Diabetes Association, nearly one of every ten single Americans would become a diabetic in the next few years of their life. A greater percentage of them would be single women. This statistic alone should help you prepare for what lies ahead, eventually dating a single diabetic woman. This is not something you should avoid but something your should embrace and accept as part of the new world before you.
Diabetes is a metabolic condition where the body is either unable to produce and/or properly metabolize the hormone insulin. This hormone is important for the proper functioning of cells as the hormone helps process blood sugar for cellular processes. These cellular processes include regeneration and proper functioning of the body’s organs. Thus when you encounter a diabetic on a date, here are the following tips you need to know in order to get a chance at another date and hopefully a long term relationship.

Get to Know the Diabetic. Often, diabetics openly discuss their condition. Show an earnest interest in their condition. Find out what kind of diabetes they have and ask about how they manage the condition. This not only shows a genuine interest in them but also give you ideas on how to help the person in the long term.

What to Avoid. Avoid having food that would indicate that you are better off compared to them. Don’t ever say “can you eat this” or “I am sorry, I know you can’t have this but I would be having this anyway.” Never ever make fun of the diabetic. This would only hurt their feelings and surely lower your possible return engagement. Making a count of what you eat would help in making a good impression for your future date.

Don’t Panic. If ever a blood sugar low occurs during your date, avoid panicking. Place your date in a comfortable position. Check their bag if they have an insulin pen or other medication to help them recover. Then, call 911 in order to have proper medical attention for your date. It may put a damper on your date but it would be plus points for you for the care and attention.

Having a date with a diabetic is not all that bad. There are many restaurants that cater to diabetic patrons nowadays. Aside from having a new dining experience, you would be surprised as to the variety as well as the flavor that diabetics enjoy as part of their healthy cuisine. You may even end up being hooked on having a healthier and better dietary lifestyle for you. So with a diabetic date, you not only end up getting the love of your life but also having a healthier lifestyle in the long run.

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