Tuesday, 11 May 2010

When is the best time to have a baby?

Your priorities.
Every woman has different priorities and different goals in life, in her personal life and in her professional ambitions. If you feel that you will be happy to be a housewife and there will be no money problem in your house you can plan starting a family and getting a baby.
If you just finished college and plan on going to university but at the same time you would like to have a baby, write down the advantages and disadvantages of both.

Having a baby is a "beautiful experience" but only if it will come at right time.

A baby is a nice “experience” but only if it will come at the right time. So if you do not want to do dodgy
and bottom jobs in the future as you won’t have any qualifications you should first go to university and do a couple years of work and then plan on having a baby unless you are sure for 100% that your baby's partner will provide you and baby with everything and you won't have to work.

Taking your decision seriously.

A baby is not a pet so if you will find that you are not very happy with it, if it is too much hard work or you simply find out that financially you can not afford it you have to live with it. If a parent is unhappy it will make a baby feel also unhappy as when you will be sad you will speak in a different way to your child, sometimes nervously.
But remember that you can not delay forever having a baby as it can be also too late for it. You should find a balance between your personal and professional life. Remember life is too short to procrastinate for too long important events in your life. If you already have a partner who loves you and you do not know him from yesterday why not have a baby? It will change your life for ever, from the time when a baby will appear in the world it will be the most important for you but a caring and loving husband will understand it as he can get himself glass of water while a baby needs your attention 24 hours a day.


inua said...

When you are prepare for this big step. Baby are a big responsability


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Ania said...

I definitely agree with you.That is why women should prepare themselves properly for this big responsibility.

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