Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Preparation for a wedding day

A lot of women are planning to loose their weight because they think that they will look better. Some of them are buying in advance one – two sizes smaller wedding dresses. It is not good way of thinking as you do not know if you will loose any weight and even if you will loose it you don’t know how many stones/lb. You won’t look nice in a wedding dress which won’t fit you properly and it will be too small or too big.
Only guys are aloud to have too loose. To tight wedding men’s shirts as they do not need to impress anybody with their appearance as much as you need, as you want.
Second think, if you will loose too much weight your skin, body can look saggy like you would old woman. If your partner is marrying you it means that he is accepting you and is happy with your curves. No men like bonny women. Before you will decide that you would like too loose weight think properly, if you really need to do it.
How to correct figure disadvantages:
Ø   If your shoulders are too big just get a wedding dress with shoulders covered
Ø   Your breasts are too small get a push up bra or bra with pads or 2 of them;
For too big breasts you should get proper bra, which will cover whole breasts and it can be a little bit too small as it will flat on your breasts and make them look smaller.
You should not worry about too small or too big hips as you will have wide bottom of your dress
Ø   Sticking out belly - it would be better if your wedding dress will be a little bit loose on your waists rather than tight.
You should not think too much about your wedding day, treat it as normal day, think that there will be only your and your heart chosen partner – if you will do it this way you will avoid no needed stress. Ask your best friend, maybe mother about helping you with choosing right clothes, make up and hair style. Sometimes is good to get somebody else opinion.


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