Thursday, 3 June 2010

Fashion on having sons

Sons better than daughters in Indian families

In Indian culture parents who have a daughter have to give all belongings away when a daughter is getting married. As a result, it is very expensive to have a daughter and not many parents have enough money to raise even one. A lot of couples are deciding to have abortions when they find out that they will have a baby girl. It is so sad and so unfair but this is Indian reality.

Couples who go on to have a daughter treat her worse than boys because
they know that they will eventually lose out on her; that she will leave them taking everything they have.

Killing a new life is especially sad for people who feel really bad with doing it but have no choice. The bread winners feel that if they would afford to have a daughter their wife would not have to go to hospital to kill a new life growing in her. People are saying that money is not important, but only if it des not concern them.

There are not only married couples who are deciding on having an abortion. They are others, like their families, mothers and mothers-in-law who already know what it means to have a girl pushing them to have an abortion.

Who is really deciding about abortions?
It’s not always women deciding about abortions. They are just toys moved and manipulated by others. No mother would kill a baby growing in her if she would not be forced because of her circumstances.
Mothers know best what it means to be a girl and a daughter. They were also daughters, they know themselves how badly and disrespectful they were treated so maybe even from their point of view it is better to kill an unborn baby than watch later how it would be treated with no dignity.

People sacrificed choices
Myself I would prefer to kill an unborn daughter than watch how a baby boy can have everything and be a happy child, while any daughter would be treated like some waste and she would be unhappy and very sad.
Is there any parent, anybody who would like to see their daughter permanently sad and not be able to help her? What future she could have if she won’t even finish school?

Killing baby girls is a lesser evil than giving birth to them and letting others treat them with no respect and being unable to raise them in a fair and normal way.

Peoples equal life opportunities
Everybody should be treated equally, it does not matter what colour of skin they have, how old they are or if they are man or woman. It sounds nice and not difficult to give someone into life but it seems that it is not easy afterwards to raise them as all over the world human’s rights are broken.

Should we just stand and watch or maybe try to do something to improve our and other people’s wellbeing?


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