Tuesday, 6 July 2010

The advantages of the popular birth control contraceptive pill

Women in the past
Times have changed a lot since the contraceptive pill has been invented. Previously women’s job was to give birth to a large number of children, taking care of them and their husbands. It was making women feel and be powerless in every aspect of their life. Their choices and decisions were dictated by their husbands. Women were unable to control their number offsprings and also give children basic things like education and proper food. All their faith and hope for a better life were in their husbands’ hands.

Women being dependant
Husbands were just humans, so some were treating their wives well, others not. The scary thing was that women who were treated with no respect by their husbands had nowhere to go and had to appreciate that they are fed by their husband.
Those women did not have any choice as they were dependent on their husbands. The system was saying that every young woman should get a husband and soon after marriage have her first baby. Women were also not allowed to go into education.

The contraceptive pill allowed women to control the number of children and also to make their and their family’s life better. People are not talking about these things but many children in big family previously were suffering from poverty. Instead of going to school they were going to work and were also starving as there were too many of them to be fed.

Working woman
Finally the women got their votes, ability to go into education, work and at the same time be able to have family. Many of them are successful in their jobs. Some want to concentrate only on their job and do big careers. Being a successful working woman doesn’t stop to being a great mum also; in this case you will have to put of course your career before a family and find out if your partner will support you.

Men still getting more
The truth is that men are still getting better jobs and better payments but time is changing. Before, there was no room for women in the workplace. Nowadays they can work and step by step job opportunities on higher positions are arising for them.


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