Thursday, 22 July 2010

How to become more efficient in your work?

Many people when doing daily activities are finding that some of them are very difficult and they just do not like doing them. Disliked activities are put for later and later and then they are never done if they are not compulsory.
I myself also had problems with doing some of my daily activities but I found a solution to it. The most important is to motivate yourself. If you have too many tasks and are unable to remember all of them, make a list and tell yourself that they are things which you have to do today. It is what I did and it is really working.

Being active
Get a gym membership and start going there on daily basis. Regular exercises help to keep your physical and mental health balance. Doing exercises makes you feel stress-free as during sport activities endorphins hormones called happiness hormone is released into your blood stream. Apart of that you are getting more energy so you can do more everyday. Believe me it is better than chocolate. While exercises are recommended for men and women, they have really good consequences on women’s moody days. During activities your body is getting more oxygen, every single cell is getting the right amount of it. You will forget about PMS.

Sleeping habits
Sleep is essential for you. You should find out your optimum number of hours spent in bed. You must sleep just enough, not too little and not too much. Each person is different so maybe you can find that for you, the ideal number of hours is 8, for me it is 10 hours and for somebody else 5 hours. Sleeping too much would make you feeling tired and sleepy, sleeping not enough will make you feeling nervous, tired and with lack of energy.

How to start every day?
Make sure that you don’t go out without breakfast. It would be best if you would prepare your lunch also as ready meals are full of conservatives and hidden fats so if you take care of your health, spend 5 minutes more at home on preparing your lunch.


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