Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Do not eat too healthy, it is dangerous!!

Doctors and dietetics are telling us all the time how important it is to eat healthy and avoid eating processed food.
I definitely agree with that but there is one catch.

Eating healthy food can become your obsession; there is professional name for it – ortorexia.
There were already a few cases which nearly had a fatal ending. Some women wanted to eat healthier and healthier, they found that they cannot eat so many things as preparing meals was taking them a few hours.
One example - Kristie Rutzel from Richmond, first started a vegetarian diet and then
moved on to a vegan diet but it was still not enough for her. She stop going to restaurants as she could not even think about eating something with a few grams of fat. She lost half of her weight: before her “diet” she was 54 kg, after 27kg.
In her case doctors found that if she did not start eating normal unhealthy food instead of healthy food she would die.
A lot of doctors are saying that ortorexia is a variation of anorexia as a lot of patients have obsessions about losing weight.
Ortorexia causes isolation from people – patients stop having a social life as they cannot drink and eat normal food, suffer from interpersonal conflicts and spend too much time concentrating on food for a whole day as they need to think carefully about what to eat.

So there is a borderline where after crossing it healthy food and diets are becoming more harmful than helpful.


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