Sunday, 4 April 2010

Your husband’s mum

Do you feel that your husband’s mum wish you all the worst and she would love if your relationship goes wrong and her baby boy would move back into her place?

You should just accept that your mother-in-law will always treat you worse as you are a foreign person to her and you make her son choose you while she stays in the darkness.

You should try to keep
your distance from your mother-in-law and try to be nice as it also says a lot about your behaviour.

If you are more important than his mother.

You should discuss your worries with your partner and find out if he is on your side or if his mother is not manipulating him.
If you find that you come before his mother, you should not worry about her; just think that she is some nasty neighbour whom you need to visit from time to time.

If you are less important than his mother.

You should discuss with him seriously that this is wrong as he will share his life with you, not with his mother. Do not ban him from visiting his mother but put a line which he cannot cross and make clear that he should discuss everything that happens with you as you are his best friend.

Try to speak with his mother.

This was the worst version of your partner’s mother but maybe you will be lucky and she will love you. She is just a human, unhappy human, who feels heartbroken because she kept her son under her roof for a quarter of a century and now you came along and became more important than her. Explain her that he is leaving her but he will still be there for her and if she will need him she can contact him at any time.
She just feels like she is loosing a part of herself - she was taking care of him for a long time and suddenly you came and want to take her diamond from her. How would you feel then?

Try to understand her but do not let your partner put her before you.


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