Friday, 2 April 2010

Real people look better than celebrities

Magazine covers always show us celebrities with ideal skin, shiny hair, perfect proportions, all of course photoshopped or under an inch thick of makeup. However, these stars are not different from us at all and usually when we look properly at their pictures taken by paparazzi on the streets, we find that they even look worse than us. Full of drugs, nicotine, alcohol and botched cosmetic surgery, how can they look any other way?

The truth about celebrities

The truth is that people in TV or in magazines look different from real life and real people.
At the moment there are so many new techniques to change people’s appearance, first and foremost being the very popular computer programme Photoshop. Using this programme
you can make a fat, flat-breasted woman with manly face look like the most beautiful woman every man would like to have at his arm.

Celebrities also have the possibility to undergo plastic surgery but when they are 60 years’ old nothing will help them. When we see them in the flesh we will find out easily that they changed dramatically, that they are just old and wrinkled. The fountain of youth has not yet been discovered.


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