Thursday, 8 April 2010

Your body

Do you feel too fat, too skinny?
Do you have other worries such as fat legs, short legs, skinny legs, protruding belly (even if you are normally built), very small breasts and many other parts you dislike?

If yes, then what you are doing with about them?
Do you feel that you reduce contact with people because you don’t feel comfortable with your body
and you won’t go to swimming for example?
Do you think that an ideal figure will make you being more respected and liked by others?Do you expect that your body will become one day perfect looking? Do you keep being on diet all the time?

Every woman would like to change something in her appearance.
The most important think to start feeling better is just to stop thinking about your figure’s appearance.


• Try to attract attention to your figure’s best parts such your nice hair, voluptuous breasts or beautiful face. Hide your figure’s less appealing parts.

Small breasts:
• If you have very small breasts and you do not feel comfortable with them buy a push-up bra.
• Do not wear bras and tops which will squeeze your breasts to make them even smaller (you have to choose your bra properly)
• Wear décolletés in a V shape, they will visually enhance your cleavage.

Big breasts:
• Do not wear too revealing décolletés as they will make your breasts looking even bigger.
• Avoid wearing décolletés in V shapes.
• You can buy a special bra which will make your breasts look smaller, just look properly in shops, ask shop assistant; you can get it on website as well.

Protruding big belly:
• Do not wear tops and dresses that are too tights, try too choose a slightly looser clothes (5 – 10cm loose).
• Do not wear clothes on your upper body that are too loose as they will look shapeless on you and will visually enlarge your belly.

Heavy legs:
• Do not wear leggings if your legs are bigger than a size 10 – 14 as your legs would look very heavy in them.
• If your legs look chubby it doesn’t mean that you cannot wear skirts – well chosen skirts can make you look slimmer – you should best choose a skirt up to your knees (or minimally shorter) or longer.
• Do not wear wide skirts/dresses - unless you are very skinny as they will make you look a few kg heavier

Skinny legs:
• If you think that your legs are skinny you can wear wide skirts/dresses till about your knees – they will make your legs look less skinny


Berruf said...

You're telling women to accept their figure? What if they are fat because they are too lazy to exercise? Are you saying it's OK?

Ania said...

Some women are slim because of good metabolism and they do not need to work hard to be slim.
It is not that easy to loose weight; you would
need to change your eating habits for a whole life and maybe it will still not be enough - you will need to work hard in the gym.

Maybe they already lost their weight, were going to the gym very often, keeping their belly empty all the time and they decided that they prefer to live just normally and have a few kg of excess weight so they can have something from life and there will be no need for weighting their meals before eating and calculating calories.

It is the most important thing to accept your figure, as even if they will go on diet, they will see 1st effects maybe in 1, 2 or in 6 months and till that time they should still love their body, treat themself with respect.
Your weight is not the most important thing.
What about people who are very fat and are eating barely nothing?
Who said that fat = ugly?During the renaissance period, chubby women were deemed to be the most beautiful and I would agree with that as it is nice to have some meat on you, it is ok too be a little bit overweight - as you will have nice curves then.

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