Wednesday, 21 April 2010

How to lose weight quickly?

If you believe in diet miracle which will help you to lose 10kg in 10-20 days I must tell you that there is not such a thing.

Have you ever heard about the Yo-Yo effect?
The Yo-Yo effect means to lose and put back on weight, very often even more than you lost.

You should plan properly, maybe consult with a doctor how many kg you should/would like to lose and then decide in how many months you can achieve your ideal weight.

Eat healthy
Start eating healthy; avoid eating empty calories like sweets; limit drinks with added sugar like coke, juices, fanta etc
Eating chocolate is healthy only if
you are eating very small dozes like 10 – 15g; if you will eat 50 – 100g of chocolate, biscuits or any other sweet stuff, this is becoming very unhealthy.

Put into your weekly plan doing some activities like walking, running, swimming or any other activities which you like; start 3 times per week half hour each session to get 3 hours of exercises per week.

What food you should eat?
  •   Choose food rich in proteins and with a low carbohydrate index for example brown bread or buckwheat
  • Do not use sauces; eat rather steamed food than fried. Potatoes and rice by themselves are not very calorific dishes but after adding a few spoons of oily sauce they become very calorific meals.
  • Cook at home as you will get very good quality food and you do not know what you are buying shops. Meals from shops or fast foods are usually very fattening food.
  • If you are on diet it does not mean that you can not have your favourite meal at all. You can have it once per week – if normally it would be a big portion eat half. So get your favourite ice cream, chocolate or chicken steak with gravy and fries.

You will have to change your eating habits for life – if you will go back to your old habits you will put back on weight.
Try to be active and do some sports; if you run for 1 hour you will burn calories from fast food meals.


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